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Year of the Tiger: Forecasting famous fortunes from their faces

Will Brangelina last through 2010? How long does Stanley Ho have to live? Is Rain good boyfriend material? The answers are written on their faces

by Zoe Li, Hong Kong Editor    15 February, 2010



Will Brangelina last through 2010? How long does Stanley Ho have to live? Is Rain good boyfriend material? The answers are written on their faces

Chinese astrology expert Edwin Ma deciphers the faces and forecasts the fortunes of the world's most famous people

The celebrity couple: Brangelina

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have really similar faces. They both have fine bone structure, with broad foreheads and sharp chins. This type of face is for big thinkers. Their nose bridges are high which indicates that a person has high standards for others and for themselves. But their faces are too similar to be a successful couple. We call this the Brother-Sister Face for couples. When a couple with similar faces are paired up, they tend to be on the same page about everything. However, at the first sign of disagreement, the pair will go their separate ways.

The performer: Lady Gaga

Gaga was born in the Year of the Tiger, so this coming year she will be 犯太歲 "faan tai sui," which means it will be a year of challenges and bad luck.

Lady Gaga has a high nose, which indicates that she has high standards. The average person would feel intimidated by this and hesitate to make a romantic move on her. Plus, her cheeks are thin, which indicates a tendency towards solitude and a tendency to fall for married men. Thus, even if she is fortunate enough to meet someone it will be hard to maintain the relationship, or the relationship will have to be kept very secret.

The movie star/singer/dancer extraordinaire: Rain

Rain's ears kind of stick out, this is an indication of a difficult childhood. The person tends to be tough yet insecure, which makes them highly competitive. These types of personalities love and hate romantic relationships, resulting in dramatic fluctuations in their love life. Having a dimple in the cheek indicates the person easily endears himself to others and has a free spirit with a tendency toward solitude. If he suffers through several unhappy relationships then he might decide to be a bachelor for life.

The tycoon: Stanley Ho

To understand Stanley Ho we have to look beyond his facial features. Ho's element is wood and his voice is deep and loud. People of this type are well-mannered and articulate, they have a unique charisma. Males of this type attract a lot of female attention. 

People of the wood element usually have a long life. To keep their longevity, the key is in their voice. When their voice starts to change, it indicates their health is faltering and their longevity is cutting short. But people of the wood element are stubborn and won't let go of life until they have completed everything they want to accomplish. 

The political activist: Long Hair

Legco member Leung Kwok-hung doesn't look very appealing, but if you look closely his face shows he is actually easy to get along with.

The hairs in his eyebrows are fine and tidy, this indicates a person who is planning all the time and thinking over every detail of his schemes. It indicates intelligence and clear thinking. His lips are well-defined which indicates an articulate person.

Long Hair was born in the Year of the Monkey and 2010 will be a year of challenges and bad luck for him. I advise him to keep a low profile and to grin and bear his grievances rather than stubbornly struggle against the odds. Of course, this is not Long Hair's way of doing things.

The (U.S.) President: Barack Obama

Obama has the 甲 "jia" face shape and belongs to the wood element. This indicates that he is a thinker and a strong analyser. He has a high and broad hairline which indicates adaptability and diplomatic skills. His leg bones are straight and upright which give him military authority. The contours of his mouth and lips are distinctive. He is persuasive, good at reasoning and gives orderly speeches. Obama’s weakness lies in his sunken temples. This indicates a person who worries too much and is oversuspicious. These types of personalities tend to think negatively and deal with a lot of anxiety. They often feel that no one truly understands them and hesitate as commanders. Also, Obama’s eyebrows are low, giving pressure to his eyes. He gives himself a lot of pressure, to the extent that people around him can feel it as well.

The model of the moment: Chrissie Chau

Chrissie has a high and broad forehead. Her nose bridge is high, firm and full. Her cheekbone is intense but concealed. Her mouth is boat shaped. Her chin is pointed upwards and is supported. The pointy features of her face are like the Great Five Mountains surrounding and protecting her with good luck, giving her a smooth life.

However Chrissie’s ear shape is weak, implying bad luck during her childhood. Her luck during her mid age (41-50 year old) will be generally good with fluctuations which could bring her quite a bit of trouble and unrest. 

Chrissie was born in the Year of the Ox. This means, with an exceptional year of bad luck for her in 2011, her years during the age of 25-30 will have good luck and fortune. Chrissie’s eyes are relatively big but without a lively "qi." Her goals are still unclear. If she couldn’t grasp the opportunities brought about by her strong luck, she may suffer when her luck meets the downfall and turns weak. 

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