Chinese horoscope
by Master Edwin Ma
exclusively in New Zealand
for Time Out

The astrology
and fengshui consultant
writes for websites and
Chinese and international publications

Yu Lan Festival
The Chinese Ghost
Festival by SCMP

Bottom line in
by Tom Hilditch and
Vivienne Chow

Feng shui masters hit 
the investment trail 
by China Daily

Year of the Tiger:
 Forecasting famous
fortunes  from their faces
by CNN

What's Tony Chan's
teeth tell us about his fate
by  CNN 

Growing interest' in
ancient Chinese arts
by  SCMP

A healthy, wealthy,
generous year
by S.C.M.P.

Rays of sunshine amid a
cloudy outlook for 2010
by China Daily

Fung shui tower
‘can lift town’s fortune’
By S.C.M.P.

Get set for
new fortune cycle
by S.C.M.P.

Thank your luck stars
By S.C.M.P. astrologer
Edwin Ma

A time of
change and challenges
Post Magazine SCMP

HK to take its chances
with lucky No 13
Lau Wong-fat draws
a fortune stick

Valentine’s Day casts
warm glow over lovers
by S.C.M.P.

Home affairs chief
avoids chance to draw
more bad luck
by S.C.M.P.

Monkey business
by Vivienne Chow

Worst over but 2002
won't be all
sweetness for HK.
Reuters News

The Year Of
The Ram Holods
In Store For You...
By Daily Mirror

From the horse's mouth
by S.C.M.P.

Approach the
Snake with care
by Reutera Magazine

Tse Ting-fung’s head
Is a fung shui pony-tial
By S.C.M.P

I wondered if Jesus was
similar to Buddha
the same god in disguise
by S.C.M.P.

Since 2006, Master Edwin Ma has written for Time Out  the Chinese horoscope for a few years.

Introducing Master Ma

When it comes to life and love, are you a rat, a snake or a horse? MASTER Edwin Ma Lai-wah, divining from Hong Kong, will help you unlock your future.
The astrology and fengshui consultant for major companies in Hong Kong and mainland China writes for websites and Chinese and international publications including the South China Morning Post, Singtao Daily and the Daily Mirror in London and now exclusively in New Zealand for TimeOut in the Herald.

Along with the horoscope on page 33, we have a list of all 12 Chinese signs so you can learn your sign's character.

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